Extraordinary Vintage Morning Suits

Two vintage morning dress outfits have recently arrived on our hands. Each featuring at least one particularly interesting detail which we’d like to share with you.  The first is a grey three-piece suit, bespoke tailored in 1971. It is rare enough to come across a decent grey suit with all three pieces intact;

MinC(?) Morning Suit


Rarer still to find a waistcoat with lapels;

Waistcoat with lapels


But practically unheard of for those lapels to be peaked, elegantly reflecting those on the coat:

Waistcoat peaked lapel detail


And who made this beautiful outfit?

Bespoke label

Why, Minc of course! Or is that MinC? Or Min C? Or M. Inc.?

Well that was exciting wasn’t it? On to the next suit. On the surface, this suit is not altogether extraordinary, though a very good example nonetheless;

Callaghan Morning Suit

Pretty good.

Coat and waistcoat are cut from a lovely thick black barathea in a very classic style. Made by Simpson Clothes for Callaghan’s, we would guess from around the 1930s though the date and all other info have faded from the label, which is a rather nice label all the same;

Callaghan Label

Pretty, pretty good.

But this is the really interesting part, though it’s probably only interesting if you get excited easily by morning dress. The cashmere stripe trousers actually have a subtle blue stripe in them. Yes! BLUE!!!

Blue Cashmere Stripe

Pretty, Pretty, PRETTY Good.

What a week for morning dress. I think I need a lie down.


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  1. Marc de Bourcy

    Hello again

    All the best for 2012….

    We were already in touch some months ago regarding possibly a 42L morning dress—-in case you come across something great over the coming months or weeks, I would be grateful if you could let me know



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