The Holy Grail of Strollers

Ladies and gentlemen – this is without a doubt up there with the best suits we have ever seen. In fact it probably is the best suit we have ever seen. It is also in a fantastic size – 41R 37W 30IL and is in absolutely pristine condition. Shame neither of us is that fantastic size…



Filed under Morning Dress

5 responses to “The Holy Grail of Strollers

  1. DAT

    What is the closeup of the top-left pocket of the vest showing? Is that the opening of a pen pocket at the bottom of the welt?

  2. Oh……If only it were my size (swoon)

  3. Will Eardley

    Nolan’s use dto be my father’s tailor. They were not regarded as particularly ‘up -market’ as we would say today. I think that says a lot about quality in those days.

  4. Peter V

    Hello, I was wondering if you sell these suits? This one would fit me well!

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