Here you will find information about accessories including hats, watches, ties and handkerchiefs.


2 responses to “Accessories

  1. Emilio Daireaux

    Dear sirs, I have some doubts about accessories of a morning suit for a wedding.
    The formal shirt must be white, but could be even off-white or pale blue?
    The waistcoat could have a simple line or must be double-breast?
    The shoes could have some leather drawings or must be straight,flat?

    • David

      The Shirt can be any reasonable colour (pale pink, pale stripes, pale or dark blue) but the collar must be white. The cuiffs can be white or coloured.
      The waistcoat can be single or double breasted and should ideally be wool or thick linen.
      I don’t understand the shoe question. If by ‘leather drawings’ you mean preforations, i.e. brouges, then no, they must be smooth leather Oxfords, and not patent leather. Elastic-sided black boots (i.e. ‘Chelsea’ boots)are just as acceptable, and in some ways even more traditional, providing they are of the leather-soled variety. The most traditional footwear for morning wear is the black button boot but you risk looking like an extra on a Merchant Ivory set.

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