Dirty Secrets: Part I

Here at Andrews & Pygott we try to live by two very simple precepts:

1. If it doesn’t fit, don’t keep it, and

2. If you never wear it, don’t keep it.

In general, we are rigorous in our application of these precepts, despite often lamenting that we would have had the basis of a very good men’s fashion history exhibition had we kept everything we ever came across. Indeed, to be fair, we have never violated the first principal  – we are both absolutely committed to the idea that ‘fit is everything.’ Occasionally of course you will like something so much that you convince yourself that it fits when it doesn’t, but eventually you come to your senses… eventually…

The second principal I’m afraid has been violated several times, and in the next few posts I will let you have a sneaky look of those few items that fit us and that we love, but which we would never ever be seen wearing in public!

1932 Grey Borsalino Homburg sz 7 1/8

This is a truly sensational hat and is in pristine, never worn condition. Unfortunately one cannot wear a homburg without looking like an effeminate private detective and / or getting shouted at by yobs.

Borsalino Homburg

1932 Borsalino Homburg

The lining

Exquisite lining

 1926 White Colonial Jodhpurs W32″

Why did men back in the day have such tiny calves? These breeches were tailored in 1926 by Hoar & Co in Karachi, Pakistan with boned corsetry around the calves, just in case the wearer let himself slip to the extent that his ordinary-sized legs offended the womenfolk.

1926 Colonial Breeches

Anyone for Polo? No? Then I spose I'll never ever wear these 😦


Hoar & Co. None of the jokes about the name of this tailor matched our high standards of quality.

Late Victorian/Edwardian Frock Coat 36″ R

Let’s face it – as awesome as this is, there are absolutely no opportunities for wearing frock coats – at least none where you couldn’t easily substitute in morning dress, and who wouldn’t pass up that opportunity! Edit: I actually wore this to a wedding once! And then there’s Leominster’s once-a-year Victorian market… (Simon)

19th Century Frock Coat

Unfortunately, frock coats are so antiquated they provoke fear and panic in the hearts of ordinary people, so are not widely recommended...



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6 responses to “Dirty Secrets: Part I

  1. Mr Campbell

    Will you be selling these fantastic pieces?

  2. Hi there, thank you for reading!

    Well, we would sell them if we had any sense. However at the moment there are no immediate plans to do so. The jodhpurs I think are the most likely to make it to market but I can’t really promise or rule out anything :s

  3. That is a bit weird – you do not hesitate to wear a top hat, but you do not want to wear a homburg, while I suppose that the latter is more socially acceptable. 🙂

    Best regards, Dr

  4. The principal difference is that there are occasions for top hats (weddings etc). There aren’t really many occasions when a light grey homburg is called for.

  5. Well, that is right. So you were talking only about light grey homburgs?

    By the way, if we are already talking about hats – have you ever seen a silk grey top hat? You wrote on the hats chapter that it can be done.

    Best regards, Dr

  6. To be honest, that’s something we’ve just read about in a few places. Richard thinks he’s seen a picture of one. They are somewhat mythical, though, and we’d seriously love to get hold of a picture for the website.

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