Interesting Early 1920s Morning Suit

There are no ‘rules’ with morning dress, only generally agreed upon conventions. Take this suit made in 1922 for instance, comprising Oxford grey coat/waistcoat and cashmere striped trousers.

1922 Morning Suit

Oxford grey morning suit

Hitherto we have only seen Oxford grey as either a standalone coat or as part of a three-piece matching morning suit. Indeed,  the matching coat/waistcoat with contrasting trousers style is one which is traditionally only seen in black – here modeled by Eddie.

Edward VIII morning dress

Eddie wearing black on black (I think - I know it's a black and white photo!)

There is something else interesting about this suit as well – namely the fact that, despite being a formal outfit,  it is cut from a rough spun heavyweight wool twill, the kind of fabric you would expect to find on an everyday wool overcoat. Combine this with the formal silk damask covered buttons and it makes for a fascinating piece of morning dress history. Enjoy!

Rough woolen twill on a morning suit!

This suit's gonna be on ebay soon if you fancy it.

the label

I haven't mentioned it yet, but the waistcoat has slip buttons!


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  1. i like the style of morning suit. i real learn more from this article. thanks for shareing.

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