Here’s my card…

Let’s face it, the best thing about working for a large organisation is having a business card. No act is more self satisfyingly wonderful than taking out one’s brass, silver, leather, stainless steel, aluminium (delete as applicable) business card case, extracting a card and saying, ‘here’s my card.’ However, like most things, modern business cards are, on the whole, totally uninspiring. Most of them are white, minimalist affairs, some of which only have the person’s name and company. This was not always the case. Below are a few men’s clothing related business cards I’ve managed to find on the internets from long ago. They are surprisingly difficult to find, however, so if anyone knows of some hidden stash somewhere then please let me know. Millions of pounds (…worth of gratitude) will be dispensed to anyone who can supply a Montague Burton business card!

JM Chapman Business Card

JM Chapman: Gentlemen's and Ladies' Bespoke Tailor FRONT

Chapman Bus Card Back

Incredible drawing of their premises on the BACK

DS Woolf Front

Business card of D.S. Woolf - 'the well-known city tailor' (no trace remains) FRONT

DS Woolf Back

BACK of SD Woolf's business card containing newspaper reviews

SW Clothing Stores Bus Card

South Western Clothing Stores business card

Lyons Brothers

Lyons Brothers business card - a quick google search sadly reveals no hits for the "Lynbrodean Raincoat" - this is all about to change!


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  1. Nico

    Do you dispense Andrews and Pygott business cards? It would be wise for me to have one to hand for those times when the internet has crashed and I need advice on brimping my thruckle-fold.

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