Are you going?

If like us you haven’t recived an invitation to the royal wedding, you will have to settle for the four hundred and sixty seventh best thing – looking at a low res photograph of the royal wedding invitation (watch this space for a post about the four hundred and sixty six things better than this):

Royal Wedding Invite

Invitation to the wedding of Wills and Kate

As invitations go it’s not massively impressive – it is in fact an almost direct copy of the invitation to Charles and Diana’s wedding only without the gold trim (these are hard times after all):

Charles Diana Wedding Invitation

Invitation to wedding of Chalres and Diana

To be honest, it’s not the invitation per se we are interested in but the dress code, which is:

“Dress Uniform, Morning Coat or Lounge Suit”

For Charles and Diana’s wedding the dress code was virtually identical, the only difference being that ‘Morning Dress’ is replaced with ‘Morning Coat.’ One can only assume that the palace fears that men in the 2010s won’t appreciate that the word ‘dress’ doesn’t refer to a frock. As lovers of morning dress, it is mildly dissapointing to see a lounge suit included as an option and I assumed that its inclusion in both cases must be a sop to politicians like Cameron who are terrified to be seen wearing an outfit that could be construed as posh – esp. in these economically troubled times. I therefore decided to look back in time and find an example of an invitation where lounge suits were frowned upon, and indeed thought I had found a winner with Lizzie and Phils wedding in the 40s:

Elizabeth wedding invitation

Liz and Phils invite

Mens – Civilians: Morning Dress (or Lounge Suits)
Serving Officers: Service Dress
Ladies – Morning Dress with Hats
Indeed, one has to go back to the wedding of the queen mum and Albert in 1923 before one finds a more formal dress code. In this case civilians don’t even have the option of wearing morning dress and are confined to wearing the ultra-formal court dress:
Dress Code 1923 wedding

Dress code for Alberts wedding

Anyhow, it will be interesting to see what people wear to the royal wedding this time. Hopefully we will have plenty of morning dress outfits to dissect and examine, although no doubt Wills will wear some kind of garish uniform. Sigh.

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