eBay Extravaganza!

So, you may be browsing through this site and thinking to yourself ‘That’s all very well, but where do I get all of this amazing stuff?’ Here’s the good news: We have a few items listed on eBay at this very moment:

3 Piece Morning Dress Outfit with Oxford Grey Morning Coat

View eBay listing

Original 1930s 3 Piece Black Lounge / Stroller Suit

Stroller with burgundy white spot tie

View eBay listing


Immaculate Early 1930s Montague Burton 3 Piece Dinner Suit

View eBay listing


We’ve got a few more up at the moment, but we thought the above were of particular interest. Finally, if you happen to have truly longed for any of the amazing Montague Burton badges that I’ve been showing off as though they were crafted by Gustav Faberge on his deathbed:


There is currently another 20 years service badge up for sale right now on eBay HERE

-and that concludes our eBay roundup.


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