Sorry to BADGEr…

Just when you (by which I mean the grand total of nobody reading this blog) thought this looked like it was turning into a blog all about Montague Burton, here’s another post to confirm your fears.

Burton 20 Years Service Badge

Imagine working for Montague Burton for 20 years! I can't...

This is an official announcement. The Andrews & Pygott Montague Burton badge archive has DOUBLED in size in the last few hours.  This badge was stumbled upon quite by chance on eBay and snapped up in a high-pressure emotional bidding meltdown of panic and elation. It was a real mercy that nobody else wanted it as much as We (I) did – in fact nobody else even bid but it was still very tense.

There isn’t much point in explaining what it is – it says so very clearly on the badge itself, but think on this: 20 years service is a very long time to be working for one company, and a real landmark occasion. Could this badge have been awarded by Montague Burton himself? Could SIR MONTAGUE have touched this badge???


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One response to “Sorry to BADGEr…

  1. I like to think that the cogs around the outside of the badge are for fitting into an ultimate badge worn by Sir Monty himself – only when all of the badges are reunited will Montague Burton reign supreme once more… or not.

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