Morning Dress: A Brief Introduction

What is morning dress? Put simply, morning dress is the most formal form of men’s daytime dress still commonly worn in Britain. If there is one thing that defines an outfit as morning dress, it is the eponymous morning coat, sometimes referred to as a cutaway. The rest, although by no means academic, are at least items common to many other forms of dress.

In our opinion, morning dress has the potential to be the most elegant of all male dress forms and it is a shame that opportunities to wear it are so often missed, or done so badly as to have not been worth doing at all. We will try to demonstrate that doing morning dress well is not only cheaper and more rewarding than fluffing it, but it also has the potential to make you look elegant, refined, and downright awesome.

Hall Walker

Hall Walker, MP, overseeing the ball pond at his daughter's 3rd birthday party.


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  1. Fabulous summary of well intentioned information, much needed, thank you!

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